The Consultation

What happens at the consultation?

One of the key steps in the process of achieving excellence in cosmetic surgery is the initial consultation.  It is an opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve and your ultimate goals and the results you are looking for.

It is beneficial to bring someone along with you if you wish.  We recommend reading through the webpage relevant to your chosen procedure before your appointment, this will enable you to get more out of the consultation.

Usually on first meeting Mr Sawyer, there is a nurse with him too.  The nurse is available to assist you and act as a chaperone.  Before discussing any surgery, Mr Sawyer will want to ask about your past medical history, such as previous illnesses or operations, allergies and medications you are taking.  You will discuss the results you would like to attain from any proposed procedure or operation.  Bringing photos of the result you would like to achieve is a good way of communicating what you want from the surgery.  This allows him to see whether what you are asking for is achievable and whether your expectations are realistic.


Mr Sawyer will then examine you, which will include taking standard photographs.  Additionally, for breast procedures, he may use his 3D camera to produce Cristalix images to give you a better understating of the likely outcome of the surgery. 

If surgery is deemed suitable, Mr Sawyer will discuss the operation, the aftercare and any restrictions on activities and work that may apply.  He will also want to discuss the risks and limitations of the operation or procedure with you.

Before leaving, make sure that you have had all your initial questions answered.  Many patients bring a list with them; the Royal College of Surgeons has produced a checklist that suggests questions you might want to ask. To view this, click here

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Following the consultation

You will be sent:

  • A letter with the details of your consultation (copied to your GP with your permission) 
  • Detailed information about your surgery
  • A price guide for the operation/treatment 
  • Book your surgery and next consultation date  (if required):  via telephone: 01425 820007 or whatsapp text 07375 813794 or email: 


What happens next?

You will be booked in for a second free consultation. 

Further consultations may be required if you are still undecided on the exact plan or if other goals are needed to be achieved such as weight loss.

It is important to take your time regarding cosmetic surgery and there is never a reason to be hurried into making a decision.

Dr Sawyer is an astounding surgeon. He is supportive and reassuring both before and post operation, putting your needs and requests forefront. He performed a flawless septorhinoplasty on my nose, simultaneously fixing the airways, shape and size of my nose caused initially by a cleft lip and pallet. I would recommend Dr Sawyer to anyone as he is understanding with a warm and reassuring approach, explaining the procedure in great detail. The procedure ran smoothly and efficiently with a perfect quality of care throughout and the results are outstanding. This surgery has both filled me with confidence and has allowed me to live my best life.

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