Prominent Ear Correction for Adults

An otoplasty (or pinnaplasty) is an operation to re-set the position of prominent ears, pinning ears back and moving them closer in towards the head.

Prominent ears are a cause of social embarrassment and may be surgically corrected. 

We also offer surgery such as ear lobe reduction and split ear lobe correction 


At A Glance

Operation time

1.5 hours


Local or general

Hospital stay

Day case


2 days


Next day


2-4 weeks

Back to work

1-5 days

Full Recovery

2 weeks

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is prominent ear correction?

Prominence of the ears is a cause of social embarrassment and may be surgically corrected. The two commonest problems are the failure of the anti-helical fold in the ear to develop or of the bowl (conchae) of the ear is too large. The surgery can be undertaken either in childhood from the age of 6 years onwards or in adulthood. It may be undertaken either under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and is usually performed as a day-case procedure.

What types of surgical procedures are available?

There are many different techniques described with the two most common being a posterior sutural correction and an anterior scoring technique. Alternative techniques are used to address specific areas such as large pendulous earlobes, excessively large conchal bowls or large upper portions of the ear.

What happens before the operation?

At the initial consultation with Mr Sawyer after discussing the specific concerns a full medical and surgical history will be obtained. Details regarding the operation, the aims, the limitations, the recovery and the risks will be discussed. Before the operation (if being undertaken as an in-patient) you will usually attend for a pre-operative nurse-led assessment. You may require a blood test. Any significant health problems not previously identified may be discussed with Mr Sawyer or the anaesthetist (if under general anaesthetic) and a further assessment may be required to determine suitability for the procedure.

Is prominent ear surgery suitable for me?

You are most likely to benefit from an otoplasty if one or more of the following conditions apply to you.

  • You are self-conscious about the size or shape of your ears.

  • You are being teased and this is causing you distress. If your ears are only a little unusual, an otoplasty will not make much difference and the teasing may continue. It may be better to get help with your social skills so you can cope with teasing.

  • You have unusually-shaped ears, ears that are large and stick out (‘bat ears’) or ears that are different from each other (asymmetry).


Otoplasty will not improve your physical health. For this reason, the operation should be performed only if the aim is to improve your self-confidence and to make you more comfortable with your appearance.

What can I do to make the operation a success?

To optimise the result and minimise the risks several factors should be considered. Smokers have a much higher risk of developing complications. It is therefore advised that they should refrain from smoking for ideally four weeks before, and four weeks following surgery.

Patients should also avoid Aspirin and equivalent anti-inflammatory agents for two weeks before surgery as these can increase the risk of bleeding.

When can I drive after prominent ear surgery?

There are no restrictions on driving.

When can I go back to work?

However, many patients find that the bandage is embarrassing and therefore, refrain from work for 1 week, but you may want to wait for another 1 to 2 weeks until it is difficult to tell that they have had surgery.

Advice regarding this will be given at the initial consultation.

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Absolutely top surgeon! 5 star. Such a great friendly man. Totally down to earth which made me feel at total ease, it made my experience so much better. Nothing better than a friendly caring honest surgeon. Provided me with plenty of information for pinnaplasty procedure, and talked me right through with thorough detail. No words can say how pleased I am with my ears now thanks to Mr Sawyer. Outstanding cosmetic work. This man has boosted my confidence. I will definitely use him again in the future. My only negative comment will be towards myself as I’ve asked myself why didn’t I have this done sooner? I’m so grateful to have meet him and I’m totally thrilled with my results. Thank you so much Mr Sawyer. Another happy patient :

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