Labiaplasty is an operation designed to correct labial excess within the female external genitalia.

In most patients, this is a result of labia minora excess. This can cause embarrassment or functional disturbance by causing pain during normal sexual activities or embarrassment when the labia protrude through underwear and bikinis.

In some patients, the labia majora may also be excessively large, as may the clitoral hood and these additional procedures can be incorporated into the operation.

At A Glance

Hospital stay

Day case

Operation time

20 - 40 minutes


Local (awake surgery) or General


Shower next day and bath from 21 days after operation


5 days


4-6 weeks

Back to work

5 days

Full recovery

6 weeks

Frequenty Asked Questions

What types of surgical procedures are available?

Labiaplasty involves the reduction of overtly large labia to normalise size and appearance. There are different types of surgical procedures available and Mr Sawyer will discuss the options with you at the consultation. Most often Mr Sawyer performs a 'wedge' resection for the labia minora as this has the advantage of the most normal appearance and pigmentation of the labia and the scar is very subtle.

With regard to labia majora surgery - this tends to be a removal of excess tissue in an ellipse form in the hair-bearing areas of the skin.

Clitoral hood reductions can also be performed at the same time as labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty surgery can be performed either under local or general anaesthetic and in the vast majority of cases would be performed as a day-case (leaving the hospital the same day as having the surgery).

What happens before the operation?

When you first meet Mr Sawyer, he will ask you questions about your specific concerns and take a full medical and surgical history. He will also want to know what medications you are currently taking as well as your current social circumstances. Mr Sawyer will then discuss the options for surgery, the aims and limitations of the surgery, the aftercare and potential complications of surgery.


What happens on the day of surgery?

The operation takes around 45-60 minutes whether it is performed under local or general anaesthetic. Patients are positioned with their feet in cradles (as per childbirth), the labia are then reduced and then repaired with dissolvable stitches. Once the operation is completed Mr Sawyer applies antibiotic ointment and sanitary towels. You will then be transferred to the recovery area until you are sufficiently awake before returning to the ward.

What should I expect after discharge?

It is completely normal for swelling and bruising to occur following the procedure, but this usually resolves within two weeks. All the stitches are dissolving. Apply the antibiotic ointment several times a day for the first five days and change the sanitary pad as and when required. Usually the pain and discomfort following this operation is controlled with simple painkillers only, such as paracetamol.

How can I wash after surgery?

Showering is possible the day after surgery but its best to avoid baths for around 10 days following the procedure. The labia should be patted dry rather than wiped and then the application of further antibiotic ointment in the first 5 days.

Are there any restrictions?

Mr Sawyer recommends that you should avoid driving in the first 5 to 6 days. Sexual activity and sport should be avoided for around six weeks following the procedure. The time off work required will depend on the nature of your work and the degree of swelling, but usually, only a few days is required.

Price Range

From £3948

This man has boosted my confidence. I will definitely use him again in the future. My only negative comment will be towards myself as I’ve asked myself why didn’t I have this done sooner? I’m so grateful to have meet him and I’m totally thrilled with my results. Thank you so much Mr Sawyer. Another happy patient!

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