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All of the hospitals either offer a finance payment scheme or are affiliated with a medical loan company. 

BMI hospitals

Spire Southampton

New Hall Hospital and Bournemouth Nuffield

This man is one of the most amazing and talented people we have ever had the pleasure to meet. He carried out a repair on our daughters cleft lip and palate, The work carried out is to a extremely high standard and has now given our daughter one of the best new starts to life anyone could have given her. We are extremely happy that we have him completing our daughters second operation as we know 100% she is in the best hands that she could be in. Adam is very reassuring and met with us before the operation to explain what exactly it is he will be doing, he also met with us the morning of the operation and came and checked in on her after. He helped make the whole experience a whole lot better for us as parents to cope with. Thank you Adam once again! Not all hero’s wear capes... this one wears scrubs!!

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