Tattoo removal

While laser technology has developed and advanced, laser tattoo removal may not be a suitable option due to cost, availability, or the nature of the tattoo.  Surgery may be an alternative.  This may involve a simple excision or it may require a skin graft.

Mr Sawyer will discuss the techniques and approach at your consultation

At A Glance

Operation time

15 - 45 minutes

Hospital stay

Day case




1 week


Next day


Next Day

Back to work

Next day

Full Recovery

2 - 4 weeks

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is tattoo removal suitable for me?

Tattoo removal is suitable for those who:

  • Are happy to have the tattoo replaced by a surgical scar

  • Have attempted laser removal but this has been unsuccessful

What does the operation involve to remove a tattoo?

This does depend on the size of the tattoo.

The majority of skin lesions can be removed in 10-20 minutes under local anaesthesia as outpatient procedures.

Large tattoos may need serial excision or rarely a skin graft.

What are the risks of surgical tattoo removal?

Removal of tattoos are low-risk procedures with very few serious complications. However, occasionally patients may experience minor skin infection, delayed healing of wounds and lumpy or sensitive scars. A minority of patients require further treatment such as further surgery or medicinal creams

Are there any alternatives to surgical removal?

Laser is another option, but will often require several treatments and may not get rid of all of the tattoo pigment.

Price Range

From £1200

Mr Sawyer was brilliant from the beginning; he made me feel completely at ease from my first consultation right through to my final 'signing off', mid January 2020. I went through Mr Sawyer for inverted nipple correction and areola reduction surgery (day-case) in November 2019. He explained everything so thoroughly, so I knew exactly what to expect. The surgery went really well and I am very happy with the final outcome- the scars are "healing beautifully", as the Cosmetic Nurse explained (but they are barely visible anyway, thanks to Mr Sawyer's care and skill!). Mr Sawyer's secretary, Claire, was brilliant too- she was so quick to respond to my emails and she made the whole process easy and stress-free- very refreshing! Being a 21 year old woman, uncomfortable in my own skin, I was initially quite apprehensive at the thought of attending multiple consultations and having "cosmetic" surgery, however I feel so much more confident now and would stress to others in my position that it is 'so worth it!'. Seeing your 'before and after' photos at the end of the experience is awesome! - I cannot recommend Mr Sawyer enough

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