Timing of Surgery

The timing of the operation, should you choose to go ahead, is extremely important too. For example, you may have decided that you want to lose some weight first. Let Mr Sawyer know if you are planning to do this. For certain operations, eg breast reduction or tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), losing lots of weight after the operation can undo all the good work that went on before. Surgery would be much better postponed until you had achieved your target weight.

Other goals may also be important for example stopping smoking or waiting until diabetes is better controlled.  

Remember also, an operation, particularly a major one, is physically and emotionally demanding. Mr Sawyer will need to ask you some personal questions about the type of work you do, home-life and your relationships. This is to ensure that any proposed surgery does not take place when you are either particularly busy or going through emotional turmoil.

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