Lip Lift

A lip lift is an increasingly popular procedure designed to create a plumper, more attractive and youthful-looking upper lip and mouth area.  The female upper lip is more visually attractive when the upper lip just exposes the front teeth with the mouth marginally open.

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Operation time

45 minutes

Hospital stay



2 - 3 weeks


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Next day

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1 week

Full Recovery

4 weeks

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is a Lip Lift?

The lip lift is a subtle local anaesthetic procedure that rejuvenates the upper lip and reduces the distance between the upper lip and nose, by removing a small strip of skin under your nose to raise your top lip. This also rolls it slightly, making it look larger, fuller, and more defined. 

The procedure has a fast recovery and natural-appearing results. The scar is hidden beneath the nose and normally remains very inconspicuous.

Am I suitable for a lip lift?

A lip lift is suitable for you if:

  • Your upper lip shape and length of the upper lip is a concern and you would like to achieve a more feminine appearance
  • You were born with a long upper lip which can make the lower part of the face not appear in proportion
  • You may want a longer-lasting alternative to dermal lip filler injections or no longer feel they give you the natural result and plumper upper lip you desire.

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure is a minor local anaesthetic procedure which takes around 30-45 minutes.

A pre-planned area of skin and tissue is removed at the base of the nose.  The surgery is then closed with deep stitches to lift the tissue to the base of the nose. This is the key to the lift.   Small skin stitches are them placed to neatly close the wound, leaving a scar hidden under the base of the nose and around the base of the nostrils. Usually, a topical antibiotic ointment is given to use twice a day for 6 days until the stitches are taken out.

It is important not to overdo the treatment as often a few millimetres can make a visible difference to the look of the whole face and it is essential for a natural look

What about the scars?

The scar will be visible just under the nostrils and in the groove where the nostril meets the lip. The scar is expected to fade over 6 to 12 weeks and continue to mature, improve for up to 18 months. All scars look red at first, but once healed, can be disguised with makeup.

Are there other options to lip lift?

For those wishing to avoid surgery with minimal downtime, a dermal filler can be placed in the upper lip in the form of a scar-free, non-surgical lip lift.  This delicately lifts the upper lip while contouring and defining the lip’s curves. Small amounts of filler can also lift downturned corners of the mouth for a corner lip lift. Filler placed directly into the body of the upper lip restores a youthful fullness. Click here to find out about dermal fillers.  

Other options include fat transfer. This treatment works similarly to the standard non-surgical lip lift but uses your fat as a completely natural, longer-lasting alternative to dermal fillers.

Another potential option is lip implants (permalip), which are made of soft, pliable silicone. They are inserted through tiny incisions made in the corners of the mouth, permanently creating fullness.

Botulinum toxin treatment may also be beneficial to relax the active muscle in the upper lip and reduce lines and wrinkles.

What are the benefits of lip lifting?

A lip lift offers a variety of benefits. They include restoring a younger, fresher appearing mouth, improving the shape of the pink lips and providing an overall improvement and balance to the facial proportions

What is the recovery period?

You can expect to have swelling after the surgery – this may increase over the first 24-48 hours before it subsides. It normally takes a week or two for the majority of the swelling to go, but residual swelling can take 6weeks to settle down. During this period, you may feel as though you temporarily cannot smile completely, but this is only transient.

What is the follow-up after the operation?

Stitches are taken out around 6-7 days following surgery with a nurse-led appointment.  Scar massage can be started at 2 weeks.

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From £2500

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